Can a doctor have tattoo? – YES! An orthopedic surgeon getting tattooed with Tat2me

Can a doctor have tattoo? – YES! An orthopedic surgeon getting tattooed with Tat2me

A lot of people claim that Tattooing is just not right for their profession.  This is also the case with doctors and individuals in the healthcare industry.  A Doctor getting inked is like a big question mark to many who are in their profession as well as outside their profession.

But, we would want to know, Does Having a tattoo take something away from a doctor being a doctor? And is it okay for a doctor to be regular people?

We are proud to break this notion by tattooing lot of doctors before and Say, Yes! It is okay for a doctor to be regular people and getting inked does not take anything away from them!

At Tat2me, our artist Nikita Vaidya recently inked Dr. Shailendra Patil an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Here is his story and experience of getting Tattoo for the first time,

“Talking about my tattoo which I was looking forward to get since last 5-6 years, I was not clear with the whole concept of it, as it’s going to stay forever.

All I knew is I wanted to get a tattoo related to my profession because this is what I am and what I do.

Being a doctor, I was very keen about the hygiene. My wife Dr.Satyawati Patil who is a physiotherapist was recommended by her friends who got tattooed at Tat2me – The tattoo studio in Mulund (Mumbai) by Artist- Nikita Vaidya. My wife herself visited the studio and got herself inked before me. Now I was sure about the hygiene maintained and saw the work quality too. So I went ahead with the consultation with Nikita Vaidya (Niki) and gave a brief about my requirements, which were the three surgeries 1) Hip replacement surgery, 2) Partial knee surgery, 3) Knee surgery.  I wanted a phrase, “born to replace and realign” to be a part of my tattoo as well.

During my consultation with Niki, She explained me the whole idea about her creation and took her time to create three tattoo options. I was blown away by her creativity. To sum up in short I would say “I saw a small frame of art, which has all my requirements in it”. I immediately freezed one option out of them, which was very “Me” I must say. She simply took all my doubts away and gave me a clear idea about the whole concept. After this, I was all sure about the reviews I got for her were very true.  I am happy and thankful to Niki (Artist: Nikita Vaidya) to sum up my idea in such a beautiful piece of art.”

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