Tattoo consultations are very important, Why?

Tattoo consultations are very important, Why?

Thinking from a client’s perspective, we understand that a consultation seems like a trip that may or may not be useful and you may feel that your time may be wasted. But, let us tell you why a consultation is important and crucial before you get your tattoo done.


The first and the foremost thing is a face to face meeting. You may feel that a conversation over the phone may save your time, but the satisfaction that comes over a face to face meeting is a different one. If you seriously want to get your tattoo done, you will actually look forward to visit the place where you’re going to get tattooed and meet the person who’s going to tattoo you


When you drop in at the studio, you also know about the hygiene & ambience. You have seen a variety of different designs and decided which one you want to go with or what changes you want to make to the design/s you’ve thought of.  It gives the artist achance to understand what will look good on you in regards to certain factors like the area where you want to get the  tattoo done, your skin tone, the perfect size of the design depending on the placement, orientation etc., which is practically impossible to get going over the phone/mail. The consultation also helps the artist to be in a better position to understand your requirements by eliminating the designs you DON’T want, by showing you a variety of them, which he/she can’t do over the phone. It will only end up getting you closer to what you want to get done.


It’s better to keep sometime between your consultation and the tattoo appointment as it allows the artist to work on your design with ample amount of time. If given a chance to work withsatisfactory amount of time they can come up with better and much creative concepts for your tattoo design.

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