What goes behind a Custom Tattoo?

What goes behind a Custom Tattoo?

Every tattoo has a story behind it and we thought it would be nice for you’ll to know what exactly goes behind designing a custom tattoo. As we know, there are two kinds of tattoo artists, one; who merely makes whatever the clients asks them to and two; who understands what the client has in mind and tries to develop something unique to that person. Ketan & Nikita are surely the second type of artists. They’ve had a lot of people come in their studios with a picture or reference of what they ‘thought’ they wanted to get tattooed. But what they eventually get leaves them amazed and astonished.

Today, we’re talking about one such client, Anirudh Singh. Anirudh is an armed forces officer, Government of India and he’s known Ketan for a while now. He has been wanting to get a tattoo by him but wasn’t too sure of what he wanted. Although towards the end of last year, he had a vague idea of what it could be. He wanted a tattoo that could portray his struggles as a Naval officer and where his journey has got him today. He also thought about adding elements that would express his love and respect for his parents.

Like most of our clients, Anirudh got reference images of the tattoo he wanted. The references were that of Aztec and Maori tattoos, something that has been in trend for too long but is also not very unique or individualistic.tat2me tattoo studio aztec and maori

Ketan brainstormed on how this tattoo could be individualistic and true to Anirudh’s experience and emotions. What he designed and finally tattooed left Anirudh in awe and gave him something he hadn’t even imagined. 

Here’s a quick video of how Ketan designed the tattoo and what Anirudh had to say:

At Tat2Me we thrive on giving clients tattoos that are true to them and not just copies of reference images off Google or Pinterest!

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