Ketan Vaidya’s Portfolio

Tattoo Artist, an unconventional career choice for a boy coming from a Maharashtrian middle class family. Little did I know that my parents would do whatever it takes to help me fulfill my dreams.

A self-learned tattoo artist’s life is like a ‘work-in-progress canvas.’ With every new piece of art, there are new learnings and experiences. One might ask me if there are any tattoos I regret doing. But guess what, right from my first tattoo back in 2008, till the one that I probably did yesterday, each tattoo has only acted as a stepping stone to doing better.

I believe I was meant to be in this business, how else would I have met the legend, Bob Tyrell and why did he have to say this to me, “You know kid you have potential, I can see that in your work & doesn’t matter if you do a small tattoo or a big one try to make that piece the best in the world”. Getting that as an advice early in my career helped me lay a strong foundation, so strong that his words play in my ears everytime I start a new piece.

I personally love creating art that is oriental inspired with a mix of realism. I believe tattoos that flow along the body’s natural curves are the best as every body is unique and so should the tattoo be. Nothing gives me an adrenaline rush more than doing portraits, colour and large tattoos that stand the test of time.

Ketan Vaidya Works