Nikita Vaidya’s Portfolio

Some of them said, “Girls cannot be tattoo artists”,  I said, “I’ll show you how it’s done.”
As a school kid, I didn’t know what I wanted to become, but I knew it had to be something related to art. Drawing was my favourite thing, even if it meant geometry diagrams. From sketching and doodling on all my books to body painting & temporary tattoos, I realised my calling was somewhere around.
I was lucky to have Ketan as my elder brother, as his passion for art and his decision to take up tattoo making professionally, gave wings to my calling and paved a way for me. We both are self-learned artists as it was very difficult to find a guru ten years ago. We were although blessed with cousins who became our guinea pigs and let us practice on them!
While sketching on paper was easy, skin as a canvas was a completely different ball game. I invested a lot of time studying skin tones, colour palettes, pigments, etc. as every skin is a new challenge and as a tattoo artist there is a lot of responsibility you’re carrying.
After years of tattooing, I sure find my solace in my work. Everytime I do a tattoo, I feel like a piece of me is etched onto that person forever & that connect is very special; it gives me the best high. My favourite kind of tattoo has to have colour with ornamental & geometric motifs, yet androgynous in style!

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